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Welcome to the official gm_construct 13 beta!

gm_construct 13 beta
Gm construct 13 beta surface.jpg
Map surface.
Entities 19
Events 7

The whole gist for this wiki is to let the community document gm_construct 13 beta anomalies and their effects, so the articles are not written by the map devs. In fact, discoveries and theories beyond the gm13b are also welcome as everything is connected, there's a lot of room for theories! The map exploration is still going on and many key bits will still be confronted.

CLICK HERE TO CREATE A PAGE if you feel you need to. Login is not required.

Click here to see all pages. Documentation, explorations and theories are in focus.

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External Links

gmc13b & Community


gm_kitchen remaster


gm_construct 13 beta

The truth on this wiki is up to you.

Gm construct 13 beta v2 (the map with no curses.)

Mingebags (incredibly smart)

gm_construct 13 beta old Wiki

A.R.C. YouTube Channel

A.R.C. Archives

A.Q.R.F. Youtube Channel

Eagle Detector Youtube Channel

A.R.C. Discord

TEB_101's GM13B Derma GUI (Discontinued)

[H0L-D4] GM13 Beta Anomaly Detector

Official map exploration. Discoveries, theories and reports.

Map Exploration

External Exploration

External occurrences, whether or not directly related to gm13b.

ARC General Stuff


A growing number of factions have been exploring the themes covered by the map.

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