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Garage 5.jpg
The garage.
Entities Curse detector, Observer, Runner Fast Zombie, Semper
Events Awaken, Broken Vehicles, Mingeseal, Researcher Traces
Connected Locations Mirror room, White Room, Dark room, Surface

The garage is a very important location, Although it looks like a normal garage, it is very cursed, has many anomalies. Most of the time, the observer can be seen lingering near it. Semper may spawn anywhere in this location, and occasionally Mingebags wander their way into here. The event Awaken will occur when attempting to block the entrance to the Dark Room, and vehicles will break down when driving towards its entrance. Lights placed near the entrance will also shut off as they do in the Dark Room, presumably due to its proximity. Occasionally, the lights will flicker and audible wind blows through. Researcher Traces will sometimes spawn in the second floor.

The garage is notable for being an access point for several locations, including the Dark room, Mirror Room, White Room, Secret Room (location of the doll needed for the Dark room chair event, the skull needed for the Mingeseal and Notgrigori Ritual, and the Rainbow Hoverball), and the left-side exit from the Oracle.

The Mingeseal is activated by placing it inside the Garage, near the Dark Room's entrance. Additionally, the citizen that transforms into the Curse Detector spawns in when standing near the first entrance to the right of the "Construct Inc." sign for ten seconds.

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