Curse detector

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Curse Detector
Curse Detector Transparent.png
Curse Detector with the light off.
Type Entity
Nicknames Curse Detector, Mingebag detector
Hostile No
Spawnable Yes (only with the duplicator tool)
Cursed No

The Curse Detector is a cone with a light on top of the cone. The light will light up when a curse is nearby. The Curse Detector will explode if spawned in gm_construct 13 beta from the dupes menu. When a mingebag is near, it will point to its direction with a red color. When an object of interest is near, it will flash green, which speeds up as you get closer. The Curse Detector will always spawn at spawn if achieved.

How to get the Curse Detector[edit source]

You have to wait around 10 seconds at the 2nd garage entrance, then walk in. A civilian should walk towards a building, you will have a limited amount of time before she jumps off the building so you should barricade the building entrance and once she detects that she is stuck, she will say "Thank god someone had the courage to do that." then she transforms into the Curse Detector

{{{icon-size}}} gm13_reset
When you get the Curse Detector, it will permanently save unless you run this command.

How to bring the Curse Detector into other maps[edit source]

Copy the Curse Detector with the Duplicator tool then paste it in another map. If there already is a Curse Detector on the map then it will replace the old one with the new one.

Sounds[edit source]