Dark room chair

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Dark room chair
Dark room chair transparent.png
Dark room chair
Type Entity
Nicknames N/A
Hostile No
Spawnable No
Cursed Yes
Health N/A
Damage No
Event Name darkRoomChair

Spawns Randomly, Emits Ambience, Spawns Stalkers after Destroyed

The Darkroom Chair is one of the many events you can come across in the map. It will have a random chance to spawn while entering the Dark Room.

Appearance[edit source]

The Darkroom Chair appears as a wooden chair, using the "models/props_c17/FurnitureChair001a.mdl" model from Half-Life 2 with a lamp above it, shining down on it.

Behavior[edit source]

The Darkroom Chair emits a mysterious ambient sound or "ambient/atmosphere/tone_quiet.wav" from Half-Life 2. It will do nothing, and disappear after a while. If you destroy it, it will spawn in a lot of Stalkers which soon burn and die after a while, except for one, which is said to be the Ratman, which walks out of the Dark Room and into the Submarine Area using a set path.

The Darkroom Chair will also appear when you bring the doll from the secret room. It will face the doll, and if you drop the doll on the chair it will spin around and play the Catapult Theme from Portal 2, the floor will fall down and disappear, dropping you into a very big dark room, and which the Chair and Doll will appear next to you, if you destroy it, it will say "We thought you were here to help!", "It's not supposed to end like this!" and will teleport you to random nodegraph positions on the map, with Semper starring at you.

Sounds[edit source]

This sound plays when the chair appears next to you in the big dark room.