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The Oracle is an anomaly that resides in a hidden vent system in Building B. It can show a variety of things when entering through this vent and crawling towards the Oracle. When attempting to enter the Secret Room in the Garage to collect the doll, Rainbow Hoverball, or skull for the Notgrigori Ritual, occasionally you will be sent to the Oracle's room instead, although the wall will be blank.

The oracle showing an image.
Type Entity?
Nicknames Oracle, the hint vent
Hostile N/A
Spawnable No
Cursed Yes
Damage Sets things on fire when the radio touches it.

All possible things the Oracle can show (As of 10/16/2022)[edit source]

The Oracle will display one of the following images when visited.

What the Oracle Images Mean[edit source]

  • 01doll provides hints on how to access the Big Dark Room and the Radio, and by extension, the Notgrigori Ritual and/or Mingeseal.
    • Placing the alyx doll in the Garage's secret room on the Dark Room Chair sends you to the Big Dark Room.
    • Breaking the Dark Room Chair with an explosive allows the Ratman to spawn, providing access to the Radio once he goes to the Submarine Room as well as the items for the Mingeseal and Notgrigori Ritual. Destroying the chair while inside the Biig Dark Room allows you to escape.
  • arcbase shows how to access the A.R.C Base by placing the Curse Detector near the Dark Room entrance in the Tunnels.
  • bigdarkroom shows the Big Dark Room, as the name suggests and how you are sent there by clipping through the Dark Room's floor after placing the doll on the Dark Room Chair. As of now, it is unknown what the red x and "I need it?" message means and is referring to, and if it will be expanded upon in future updates.
  • danger refers to the various anomalous events occurring in the Dark Room and Garage, such as night vision, drones, lights, and covering the Dark Room's entrances do not work, and the NPC Curse.
  • darkroom1 seems to be referring to the general "cursed" vibe of the Dark Room and the Dark Figure. Additionally, the image alludes to a rare event that occurs when turning on your flashlight in front of the entrance: rarely, the shadow of a figure briefly appears on the wall.
  • minge references the mysterious nature of Mingebags, as well as the Curse Detectors ability to sense their arrival and one of Dark Kleiner's possible spawn points in front of Building C's entrance.
  • mingegod refers to the mingebag transmission event that occurs when using the Radio at Building C's antennae.
  • notgrigori shows the required items for the Notgrigori Ritual, the five baby dolls (the missing doll in the picture is hinted at being hidden in the Ratman's lamp), the skull, and doll.
  • transmissions shows how to initiate the transmissions event with the Radio by holding it against the blast marks on the walls and playing the Portal radio music.

(Note: Filenames and some information was lifted from the old gm_construct 13 beta wiki's Oracle page)

All possible things the Oracle can show when encountering interference (As of 10/16/2022)[edit source]

If the Radio is brought to the Oracle and pressed against the wall, loud white noise is heard and the following images appear on the wall in rapid succession.

If the Radio is tuned to playing the Portal radio song, in addition to the above happening, the area will be set on fire and will explode (the Radio remains unharmed and functional despite this). The player can repeat this as many times as they want. It should be noted that the Oracle does not need to be active when doing this, the event will still happen even if the wall is blank.

Trivia[edit source]

  • sp_a1_intro3_b1.wav song plays when the oracle it generates an image. This song is from Portal 2.
  • When the player is looking for the 5 babies, there is a small chance a globe will appear inside the vent leading into the oracle.
  • The oracle reveals that gm_construct_13_beta supports addons such as various night vision goggles and the drones addons.