Rainbow Hoverball

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Spawns in the room under the slope which you can walk up to reach the top of the garage. The hoverball itself serves only one purpose, which is to make mingebag seals outside of the dark room's entrance.

Rainbow Ball
Rainbow ball.png
the rainbow ball, just floating.
Type Entity
Nicknames Rainbow Hoverball
Hostile No
Spawnable No
Cursed Yes
Health N/A
Damage N/A
Event Name rainbow_ball rainbowballInIt
File N/A

Nobody has any idea if this item might be able to do anything useful in the future, since so far it has only one function.

(updated) in fact, it has another function if you attach it to info_player_start, then either a blue hoverball will appear or with the zeta players adonne installed, then zeta player will appear

It has recently been discovered that if placed in the breakable corner vent (the one that fades in and out if you walk away) in Building B the map will change to its Christmas variant