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The Ratman
Type Entity
Nicknames N/A
Hostile When annoyed
Spawnable No
Cursed Yes
Health Unkillable (50)
Damage Heavy Damage but not exactly calculated.

Ratman is an entity, located in the Submarine Room. In the initial state of gm_construct 13 beta, Ratman doesn't spawn. You need to do the Chair Puzzle to spawn Ratman. Ratman walks around in the ground area of the Submarine Room. Moving or destroying props will make Ratman respawn them.

Spawning[edit source]

The step-by-step way to spawn Ratman is:

  1. Get the Doll from the original Secret Room.
  2. Put the Doll near the chair in the Dark Room.
  3. After the floor disappears, you need to find the chair. Tip: If you cannot find the chair, try typing in "kill" in the console a few times.
  4. Destroy the chair.
  5. After being teleported around, and Semper disappears without you being teleported, return to the Dark Room.
  6. Destroy the chair, using an explosive.
  7. Multiple Ratman's will spawn. Wait for them to catch fire and die.
  8. Ratman will walk to the door and leave a red trail. After Ratman starts to teleport, continue following him to the Submarine Room.
  9. After Ratman walks to the Submarine Room, the puzzle is finished, and the props (including the radio) appear.

Trivia[edit source]

  • Ratman was originally inside of the map gm13_hotels.
  • Destroying/moving props multiple times will make the Ratman start firing an Orange Laser. Attacking Ratman will deal damage to yourself. Leaving the room causes him to disappear.