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Real Mingebag.png
General information
Type Entity
Nicknames A-Posing Kleiner, Minge
Hostile Depends
Spawnable No
Cursed Yes (The Curse Detector shoots a red beam towards Mingebag Position)
Health Uses Custom Health System (Check How Damage Works)
Damage When killed by: ∞ (Can kill with god mode or buddha) |

When Slapped by: Random 3 - 10

Event Name generalMinge
File sv_minge_g.lua

Mingebag is a A-Posing Kleiner that can fly, shoot, draw, and randomly disappear. Over time it can explode into props called "MingeBoxes" and gib after 13 - 25 seconds. When you are close to a Mingebag he will slap you with a random velocity and does random 3 - 10 damage. More info about the Mingebag

How Damage Works[edit source]

Whenever you directly hit a Mingebag it basically rolls the dice and it has a 1 out of 2 chance to actually deal damage. You need to have 5 hits that hit that 1 out of 2 chance to kill a Mingebag. In recent updates (as of 3/11/2022) Mingebags have been able to travel in groups and now multiple can appear in one map at a time.

Are Mingebags real players? Lets end the debate.[edit source]

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: Yes, there is a lobby system that beta 13 uses and these are where all of the Mingebags are coming from, there is now (as of 3/11/2022) an addon that enables the ability to join Mingebag lobbys. How the lobby system works is that it syncs with a lobby, then it checks if you are available to join a lobby with a certain amount of players and if it is yup then it will join the lobby in a couple seconds (Can vary between different wifi connections) Also that the fact if you lose internet somehow, the minges stop moving and become interactable entitys and act like props. lua_run GM13.Lobby:SelectBestServer() This is a console command which connects you to the best mingebag server.

What does a Mingebag do?[edit source]

Mingebags can draw with the physgun, this texture will be a missing texture. They can also attack, you have a chance of dying when shot at.

Mingebag actions have different beam colors: Orange means they are attacking, Blue means they are drawing.

Why is everyone a Mingebag?[edit source]

When you get killed by a Mingebag your ragdoll gets electrocuted, and gets thrown at random velocities then fizzles the ragdoll.

Other players(Mingebags) see you as a Mingebag and you see players as a Mingebag. Some Mingebags get confused that the mingebag is fake or real.

Mingebag Joke SCM123

How can you detect a mingebag?[edit source]

You can detect them by using the curse detector which shows a red laser when mingebags appear and when the radio has a yellow line with dial-up sounds