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A.R.C Base
Base of the Anomaly Research Center
Connected Locations Tunnels

The A.R.C Base is a research base used by the A.R.C, (See wiki page for explanation)

This area can be found by bringing the curse detector over to the second entrance to the darkroom by the tunnels. This is hinted at by the Oracle in one of its potential images.

Oracle image showing how to access the A.R.C Base

Entering the A.R.C Base brings you into a warehouse-like room, with various props presumably taken for documentation and study. Directly ahead is a doorway into another room and to the left of it, a flight of stairs leading to the base's second level. Going through the doorway leads to a "portal" room, containing a gate to access other bases and maps[1]. Upstairs contains more items scattered about, and the lab.The lab primarily documents various findings among various researchers, their notes recorded in images hung along the walls as well as slabs. To the right is the base's "core," a spinning helicopter bomb suspended in mid-air. The core is highly unstable and can destabilize if removed or damaged, causing the base to de-materialize.

Functionality[edit source]

As of current versions of GMC13B the A.R.C Base will save/load any prop placed inside. (Note that some SENT'S will not save)

If any bugs occur within the A.R.C Base there is a helicopter bomb in the lab area on the second floor that will reset the lab to its original intended state. Pressing "+use" (interact) on the computer monitor saying "Note: Finish Trailer!" opens up the hidden unlisted YouTube video, "gm_construct 13 beta trailer".[2]

Spacial Anomalies[edit source]

There are two "spacial anomalies"[1] in the A.R.C Base.

Arcbase redcircle.jpg

One is located near the entrance on the floor to the right by the desks and cone is a red circle with the code "0019" written underneath. Placing any prop over the circle will result in it combusting in flames for about five seconds, self-extinguishing afterwards.

The second anomaly is located next to the stairs, appearing as a yellow square that has apparent gravity manipulating abilities. Placing any prop over it will cause it float mid-air akin to being frozen by the Physics Gun. The prop will remain suspended until removed from the square's boundaries. Interestingly, when pushed out of the square's boundaries, objects retain their reduced gravity for a few seconds before wearing off.off.

Arcbase yellowsquare.jpg

Slabs[edit source]


The A.R.C base also has a pile of 2x2 plastic slabs with notes written by explorers in the lab area on the second floor. Pressing the interact key on a few of these links to certain YouTube videos.

The most notable video is titled CONTROL-MESSAGE [1] and features presumably recordings of the darkroom with a Morse Code message in the background that reads "E S I I S S I SE T M T F W E N O N T R O L , T E I O U N D E N O T H E R U M A N . E E P O S S I B L E E N O M A L O U S I F E C T E E E N K N O W N . E A E T E R E I O R C E D O S O O T E E , A S I E I E A D E E A E A P O N . T A K I N G T O T I A S E O H E C O V E R I R O M S E I U N S H O T T O U N D , S E N A K I N G E E S E O S T A G E I O R Q U E S T I O N I N G." Although this is a rough translation and probably needs correcting, It can be inferred that this is referring to a infection from the dark room by the line reading " E E P O S S I B L E E N O M A L O U S I F E C T E E E N K N O W N"

gm13 base versions[edit source]

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