Runner Fast Zombie

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Runner Fast Zombie
Runner Fast Zombie.jpg
Supposed 'Meaty'
Type Entity
Nicknames Meaty, Fast Zombie
Hostile When player comes into contact
Spawnable No
Cursed yes
Health 50
Damage 3 (Also deflects damage)
Event Name darkRoomRunnerFZombie
File sv_runnerfzombie_t.lua

When you run into the dark room entrance he has a chance of showing up ( 1 in 93 chance ) to run across the dark room paths. When you interrupt the zombie he will start attacking. After 5 seconds the zombie will forcefully dissolve.

Running Path[edit source]

Start: -3170.6, -1586, -143.9

End: -3166.4, -1335, -143.9

You can teleport to these spots by typing "setpos" to set your pos to these spots.