Mirror room

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The Mirror Room
Mirror Room 1.jpg
The mirror room.
Entities N/A
Events No
Connected Locations Tunnels, Mirror Room Entrance

The mirror room, as the name suggests, it is a room with a mirror, there are no props, only a mirror. There are no events when you go to the mirror room.

However, directly outside the Mirror Room, in the large room with a staircase leading up to the Tunnels, the wall opposite the landing for the staircase may be permanently destroyed, revealing a small Dark Room. It is currently unknown what purpose, if any, this serves or will later serve.

A Baby Globe spawns on top of the aforementioned staircase, in the corner near the stairs on the upper landing.

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Mirror world[edit source]

if you walk into the mirror you end up in the mirror world. an exact copy of the normal map but mirrored around. in the mirror world you can see some messages that you dont see in the normal world. for example next to the small dark room there is a message saying "ancient evil inside" and a bunch of other nonesense, these scribbles also mark the places where the globe babies from the Not grigori ritual can spawn.

Gallery[edit source]