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Hall switch
The hallway
Type Event
Event Name Hall switch
Memories N/A
Summary When walking into the hall, it will switch you around to walk back into your original place.

Portals is an event that occurs in various locations in gm_construct 13 beta.

Overview[edit source]

Certain areas in the map have sections where a portals event can occur, resulting in the player being sent to a different location than intended, although the extent that it does varies from subtle to more explicit. One commonality is that props, ragdolls, and NPCs, etc. cannot pass through the portals if held with the Physgun and instead end up where the player normally would have. It should be noted that props can pass through if thrown, however.

Building A Hall switch[edit source]

Behavior[edit source]

When walking into the hall from Building A towards the Spawn Building, it will switch you around to walk back into your original place. Be wary when bringing items through this hall with the Physgun when this happens, as the item will now be stuck in the wall.

Video of behavior[edit source]

Building B Roof Hole Swap[edit source]

Behavior[edit source]

When accessing Building B's roof by climbing the ladder and going to the hole on the other side, there is a chance that there will be a portal depositing you in mid air and outside on the building's right side.

Video of behavior[edit source]

(skip to ~0:11 seconds)

Building C Swap[edit source]

Behavior[edit source]

Very rarely when ascending Building C's staircase, a portal will form that will send the player two levels down, creating the illusion of walking up an endless staircase.

Tunnel switch[edit source]

Behavior[edit source]

Near the Submarine room there is a portal in the tunnels, walking into it will send you to a different part of the tunnels. Ragdolls and NPC's cannot pass through, but props can be thrown through to carry them over.

Image of behavior[edit source]

Portal of the tunnel.png

Secret room entrance portal[edit source]

Behavior[edit source]

When trying to go into the secret room by the Garage where the Alyx doll, skull and Rainbow Hoverball are located, it will sometimes teleport you to the Oracle's vent.