Building A

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Building A
Entities Dark Figure, Baby Doll Globe (3 possible spawns)
Events Portals
Connected Locations Surface, Spawn Building

Building A is one of the main three buildings in gm_construct. Various anomalies have been encountered in its gm_construct 13 beta iteration.

Overview[edit source]

Building A takes on the appearance of a medium-sized multi floored apartment building located next to Spawn, although only the bottom floor and top level are accessible to the player. The first level is connected to the Spawn Building via a small hallway.

On the building's left side is a long pipe spanning from the ground to the roof. This pipe has nodes, which allow fast zombies to climb up it to reach players on the roof.

There are three possible baby doll globe spawns in Building A, two on the first floor on either side of the front entrance and one on the roof.

Gallery[edit source]

Trivia[edit source]

  • Occasionally, when traversing the hallway to go to the Spawn Building, the Portals anomaly will occur where the player is looped back to Building A.