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Entities Dark Figure, Semper, info player start, Mingebags
Events Portals
Connected Locations Surface, Spawn Building, Building A

Note: this page refers to both the spawn area and the building behind it

Spawn is the default spawn location in gm_construct 13 beta found on the Surface. It is where the player will spawn upon loading the map and upon death.

Overview[edit source]

The Spawn and Spawn Building remains mostly unchanged from how it appears in vanilla gm_construct, consisting of a small house or garage-like building surrounded by tiled flooring, which indicate the area where the player will spawn. On the right side of the building between it and Building A is a ramp that leads to the Spawn Building's roof and inside is a U-shaped hallway connecting the two buildings.

The only new addition is a staircase leading down to the Tunnels on the left side of the Spawn Building next to one of the garage openings, which provide access to the Submarine Room and the Bunker Room.

The Curse detector and Radio will spawn on the far left side of the Spawn Area upon successfully saving the suicidal citizen NPC and completion of the Minge God ritual respectively. The Radio will also spawn here if it is removed and the player hasn't initiated the Minge God ritual yet.

Trivia[edit source]

  • Several anomalous entities can be encountered around and inside Spawn and the Spawn Building.
    • Mingebags can commonly be found congregating around the main spawn area.
    • Dark figures may be seen standing near the doorway Spawn Building and running inside when approached or walking around inside.
    • info player start, Semper, and Zombie with block field can spawn here along with most of the Surface, although info player start and semper seem to appear most frequently around Spawn.
  • Occasionally, when traversing the hallway to go to the Spawn Building from Building A, the Portals event can occur and the player will be looped back to Building A.

Gallery[edit source]