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Info player start sighting.jpg
Hello Heisenberg
Type Entity
Nicknames Green Dummy, Green Gordon, Green Walter, Green Guy/Dude, Zeta Bot lookalike
Hostile Depends
Spawnable No
Cursed Yes
Health N/A
Damage Instant Kill

"info_player_start" is an entity that spawns rarely in gm_construct 13 beta. It takes on the appearance of a green polygonal human figure. Its head floats detached from the rest of the body and doesn't appear to have a neck.

Although the face contains no visible features such as eyes, a mouth, or a nose, info_player_start bear the likeness of Gordon Freeman through its glasses and goatee.

Behavior[edit source]

When info_player_start appears, it will be in front of the spawn building where the spawn points are. Getting too close to it will not only cause it to teleport away near a different spawn point, but also has a rare chance of instantly killing the player, trying to make it look like they pressed their kill bind on accident.

If a player dies and respawns while info_player_start is active, they will spawn in looking directly at info_player_start, who will then teleport away because they got too close to it. Once enough time has passed after info_player_start spawned, it will disappear.

Additional Sightings[edit source]

A giant info_player_start (Green Dummy) appeared in the skybox during the April fools incident as well as in the gm_kitchen_remaster April fools update.

Giant Green Dummy in the skybox during The April 1st Incident

Trivia[edit source]

  • "info_player_start" is the name of the spawn point entity in the Hammer Editor (the program used to create maps for Source games), which is what the model of the Green Dummy uses
  • The Green Dummy by all purposes seems to be a rarer version of Semper as encounters with it seem to be occur less often
  • Some people think that info_player_start was enabled on the april fools 2023 update, however, there is footage of info_player_start from before the update. I would've put the link here but i cant find it smh
  • It will spawm a egg if given the rainbow ball, and it hatches an zeta player, if you have the addon installed.