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What is gm_kitchen Remaster?[edit source]

In it's Steam Workshop page, it is described has a isolated island with a kitchen on it and some power cables that goes in to the ocean. not much information is given or is know about it origins.

Also gm_kitchen_remaster is a remaster of the original map called gm_kitchen, but with a few added twists.

Events[edit source]

The gnome Events[edit source]

If can dive into the water on the right side of the island, you will find a sewer grate with the gnome behind it, in this location you can hear some distorted voices (probably of the dead A.R.C. members).

The gnome himself.

If you interact with the gnome in anyway the gnome will burst into flames and desintegrate with an explosion right after.

If you interact with the gnome.

The Materialization Events[edit source]

After you interact with the gnome, if you go to the generator room, you will find on the wall some writtings and they can say various things.


If you don't have gm_construct 13 beta installed it will say "THE MATERIALIZATION CANNOT BE COMPLETED, 13 BETA IS REQUIRED. -ARC".

If you don't have the map installed.

If you have gm_construct 13 beta installed but the materialization system is not completed yet it will say "DUE TO AN UNKNOWN ERROR, THE TRANSMISSION COULD NOT BE COMPLETED. -ARC".

[ADD PHOTO OF EVENT HERE][edit source]

The Flashlight Events[edit source]

If you flash your flashlight at back wall of the kitchen you will see a mingebag graffiti that is a reference to this video that took place in the original gm_kitchen.

Hidden Mingebag in gm_kitchen_remaster