The Last Soldier Incident

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"The Last Soldier" was part of an A.R.C. exploration group, that accidentally made their way into gm_kitchen_remastered.

The Last Soldier
The Last Soldier.png
The Last Soldier trying to communicate with ARC HQ using the radio found in gm_kitchen_remastered
Type Character
Nicknames The Last Soldier
Hostile no
Spawnable no
Cursed no

But when they tried to leave the kitchen, their ship got attacked by unknown hostile anomalies in the water. All of his squad and ship members died,

except him. And now every time tries to escape gm_kitchen_remastered by swimming away, he gets teleported into the sky and falls into the water.

So he's been living there for 4 years now, how did he survive that long? Well it's kitchen, there's an infinite supply of food.

Food seems to be appearing out of nowhere every night. It's unknown why it happens, but it helps the soldier stay alive