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Entities Dark Figure, Semper, Mingebags
Events Portals
Connected Locations Building A, Building B, Building C, Tunnels, Garage, Submarine Room, Spawn

The Surface is the main map space of gm_construct beta 13. It also allows travel to several locations above ground and connects to may locations. A wide range of anomalies can be encountered throughout the entire area so it is advised to proceed with caution.

Overview[edit source]

The Surface's layout is more or less similar to how it is in vanilla Garry's Mod. The most notable changes are the tunnel in the lake that leads to the Submarine Room and the appearance of the Dark Room's back entrance, resembling that of a mine.

Entities and Anomalies[edit source]

The most common entities that can be encountered are Dark Figures and Semper, which can spawn virtually anywhere in the Surface. Mingebags can also be commonly found roaming the Surface, although they can be encountered everywhere else in the map. Rarely, the Blockfield zombie may spawn and wander about, and even more rarely, info_player_start can appear around Spawn.

Trivia[edit source]

  • It seems that it is possible for the Blockfield Zombie to spawn underneath the lake.


Gallery[edit source]