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The Minge God, or Minge Attractor, is an event/ritual involving the Radio and Building C. Completing it adds the "dial up" button to the Radio that allows the player to initiate and prematurely end mingebag encounters. The steps to complete the ritual is hinted at in the Oracle's "mingegod" image.

Picture shown by the Oracle
Minge God
Type Event
Event Name submarineRatman (possibly)
Memories mingeAttractor

Tutorial[edit source]

Step 1: Obtain the Radio[edit source]

The player needs to have the Radio already unlocked in order to trigger the event. This is done by destroying the Dark Room Chair with an explosive and following the Ratman to his home in the Submarine Room. The Radio should now be unlocked and will available in subsequent sessions.

Step 2: Bring Radio to Building C Rooftop[edit source]

Bring the Radio to the rooftop of Building C and tune it until the Portal Radio music starts playing. Place the Radio by the antennae on the roof as pictured in the Oracle and wait. A unique frequency will begin playing, titled "Mingev2glitch.wav" in the files.

Step 3: Profit???[edit source]

When the audio finishes playing, a blue bolt of lightning will strike the antennae and cause several explosions which will kill the player if they are within the vicinity. A red, swirling vortex will form around the area for a few seconds before dissipating. The Radio will go back to playing the Portal Radio music and will have a button affixed to it which will persist in subsequent sessions. The button can be deleted with the remove tool but will respawn upon map reset/clearing.

Functionality[edit source]

This "upgrade" to the radio allows the player to manually opt in to mingebag encounters and end them at any time. Pressing the button will play dial-up internet sounds and an orange bar will appear on the Radio in varying lengths. The bar shows the progress for the game's attempts to connect to other players that have also pressed the button in their sessions, which when successful, will allow them to encounter each other as mingebags. This can take some time, so it is recommended to not use the Radio to avoid cancelling the link up.

When process is complete, the bar will appear full and the Radio will play more dial-up internet sounds to alert the player to the arrival of mingebags. The mingebags will do their usual thing until they despawn, but the player can boot them earlier by pressing the button again, making all mingebags explode into crates.

Trivia[edit source]

  • The event is referred to as "mingegod" by the Oracle while it is called "mingeAttractor" in the memories list in the developer commands menu.
  • The Big Dark Room can become inaccessible if the player gets the Radio before putting the doll on the chair as the player needs to destroy it to spawn the Ratman, which disables the Dark Room Chair event. This can be circumvented by replaying events and memories through the developer commands or with the gm13_reset command.
  • The dark room interferes with the mingeAttractor radio.

Gallery[edit source]

Audio[edit source]

  • The sound that plays when tuning the Radio and putting it next to the antennae.
  • The sounds the Radio plays when using the button