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{{{icon-size}}} This page is obsolete. It is being retained for archival purposes. It may document extensions or features that are obsolete and/or no longer supported. Do not rely on any information on this page.

What or who is ARPUC?[edit source]

ARPUC logo 1.png

In shadows.

Abbreviation Anomaly Research and Practical Use Center
Description Organization logo.

ARPUC is a group of people owned and controlled by Errdenal and COUNCIL. Current relationship with all factions is neutral because not a lot of interactions with them has happened.

ARPUC is usually covering all their operations and researches, preferring to stay in shadows to keep the public calm. So far only two operations were leaked. "Unmimiced" which lead to almost full Prop Mimics extinction, including destroying all, but one, Mother Mimics. "Apocalypse" which lead to complete extinction of Zpawners(and as someone said - the greater danger has came instead of them though info is not confirmed yet).

No info about any anomalies that are used by ARPUC is known. But it was confirmed that before the Glitchtropia appeared ARPUC had a cloning machine that was later destroyed because Glitchtropia started using it.

Discovered anomalies[edit source]

|Have to mention, only those who were revealed to public are mentioned!|


Anomaly: Ashville Anomaly.

Danger level: 8.

Glowing white figure with a body of male_04 that roams around maps, following Errdenal. Has regeneration ability and is able to teleport and crash the game. Seems to be able to use toolgun and communicate through text screens.

Current status: Found, still alive.

All other info about this anomaly is classified.


Anomaly: Prop Mimics.

Danger level: 3.

Prop mimics are anomalies that mimic NPCs and props on the map to stalk you(as simple as that). Upon discovery they will attack, though they aren't too strong. In their original form they look like a slightly bigger fast headcrab with emo-textures. Everything you spawn has a chance to become a mimic. NPC mimics act like normal NPCs though they can attack their teammates randomly and shoot at walls. But except all that, they aren't really aggressive in their mimic state and if you kill enough of them(like 200) they will disappear completely for maybe a week or more. They still can grow their numbers. I still don't know why they're stalking players though.

Current status: Near extinction. Kept at base "Lost Winter".


Anomaly: Mother Mimic.

Danger level: 7.

There's an anomaly that can cause a mimic infestation in your gmod. That would be a "Mother mimic"(MM for short). Sometimes downloading maps from workshop may cause you to download a random map which will actually be the MM. Upon entering the map, the mimic numbers will grow and they'll be more aggressive. More and more props will spawn on maps and more NPCs will be mimics. Their damage will grow and sometimes they will crash your game. To get rid of mimic infestation you should: 1: Check what maps you have downloaded. 2: Delete suspicious maps. 3: Start a killing spree to make mimics more rare. 4: Report the map that had MM in it and never download it again.

Current status: Single one left. Kept for further research.


Anomaly: Zpawner.

Danger level: 4.

Appears randomly on maps each 15 minutes or more. It is an antlion hive but colored white. After it appears - groups of zombies from 2 to 7 will spawn on map and hunt down player and any NPCs but they're just normal zombies so fighting them shouldn't cause too much problems. If you want zombies to end - you should find the Zpawner on your map and destroy it by throwing a grenade inside it. After that zombies will end. If you won't destroy it and wait - new Zpawners will still appear, making zombie groups bigger and sometimes stronger. But you can still restart or rejoin the map which will cause them to disappear.

Current status: Extinct.


Anomaly: Singer.

Danger level: 8.

A new found anomaly, no information about it collected... Almost. It plays random music and sings along with it while in it's not alerted state. Can and will attack if sees something alive, music gets more intense and singing more clear. Needs further investigation.

Current status: Unknown.

ARPUC members[edit source]

There are four kinds of ARPUC soldiers that were revealed:

1: Guard. Usually guards zones of operations and ARPUC outpost. Sometimes used as police officers.

2: Low-rank soldiers. Usually seen patrolling main ARPUC bases and are the ones who deal with anomalies that have low danger level.

3: Mid-rank soldiers(Field researcher). Usually seen dealing with dangerous anomalies and researching unknown dangerous anomalies. Have been the main force that was used in "The P.O.R.G Conflict".

4: Elite soldiers. Kill squads of ARPUC, killing the most dangerous anomalies or helping researchers.

Standard equipment[edit source]

|Optional will have a "?" next to it|

Guard equipment:

  • MP-5?
  • Glock-17/Revolver
  • Stun Baton
  • Flashlight
  • Radio
  • Reprogrammed manhack?
  • Gasmask
  • Kevlar armor

Low-rank soldier:

  • MP-5/Spas-12
  • Glock-17
  • Flashlight
  • Grenades?
  • Radio
  • Standard military armor

Mid-rank soldier:

  • MP-5/[CLASSIFIED]/Spas-12
  • Revolver
  • Stun-baton
  • RPG?
  • Portable Reprogrammed turret?
  • Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Flare gun
  • Gasmask
  • [CLASSIFIED] armor

High-rank soldiers:


Bases, outpost and what do their names mean[edit source]

Known bases

One of the main bases was previously on gm_boreas but after the Glitchtropia - only a part of it is left. It's being rebuilt by now.

Known outposts

There're a lot of outposts on different maps, but for sure there're outposts on void maps and "haunted" maps that are built just in case.

Naming system

Similar to A.R.C, everything bigger than a camp gets it's own name and numeration. It consists of three letters and two numbers. First letter - is the map the outpost is built in. It can be either:

A - gm_construct variant

B - gm_bigcity variant

C - gm_flatgrass variant

Or if it's not on the list - first letters in the map name are used(example: gm_revengebuilds17 would be GRB).

Second letter is for the time the map is in. It can be these:

D - Day time.

N - Night time.

H - Changing time(day-night cycle).

S - Afternoon or early morning.

V - Void.

Third letter is if the outpost is stationary, permanent or non-permanent. So it's:

K - Permanent.

J - Non-permanent.

B - Stationary.

There're two numbers on outposts - first one is how many weeks it's standing there and second one is the importance of it(Closer to zero - more important).


BVK-34(Bigcity void permanent outpost that has been standing there for three weeks and is quite important)

GRBDJ-18(gm_revengebuildings17 outpost that has been there for one week and is not important).

Bases are named with their own unique names and camps are not named at all.

Conclusion[edit source]

All other info is classified. Have a great day!


Gallery[edit source]

ARPUC guard.png

One of us.

Description Just a photo of a ARPUC Guard.

Low-rank Soldier
ARPUC Soldier1.png

One of us.

Description Just a photo of ARPUC low-rank soldier.

Mid-rank Soldier
ARPUC Soldier2.png

One of us.

Description Just a photo of ARPUC mid-rank soldier.

High-rank Soldier
ARPUC Soldier3.png

One of us.

Description Just a photo of ARPUC high-rank soldier.