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The Gnome is an anomaly on the gm_kitchen_remaster map that can be triggered by interacting with, after that, it will lit up on fire and it will display a message that says "THE MATERIALIZATION CANNOT BE COMPLETED, 13 BETA IS REQUIRED. -ARC"

The Gnome.
The Gnome.jpg
Gnome On Fire.
Type Entity
Nicknames N/A
Hostile No
Spawnable No
Cursed Yes
Health N/A
Damage N/A
Event Name N/A

You will Have to go the the room that is on the right side of the bathroom (the one with the shrek style)
The Transmission message after The Gnome Burns

To get to it you can:

  • Use No-Clip (Noclip has been disabled on the map)
  • Use Explosives
  • Break the door and then press the USE Key

The Gnome[edit source]

The Gnome is from the game "Half Life 2: Episode 2" It doesn't however require the game content, yes it's an anomaly or entity. The Gnome can also talk or something, the voices are probably related to "The Last Soldier Incident", one of the missing A.R.C Members.

Is It Cursed?[edit source]

Again Yes.

Can It Hurt you?[edit source]

He Can't.

Transmission[edit source]

As Seen in the picture on the left, picking it up will fade away in flames, later it would appear an "UNKNOWN ERROR" it would be related to the "The Last Soldier Incident" since the soldier would try to contact with A.R.C via Radio.