White Room

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White Room
Entities None
Events None
Connected Locations Garage, Mirror room, Oracle

The White Room is a large room that by default, is completely white. It is accessed by going down the stairs on the left side of the Garage, or by going up the stairs of the Mirror Room. The left-side exit of the Oracle room also leads to the junction between the Garage and White Room, hidden in the wall. The player can change the color of the walls by using the "color" tool, which can be particularly useful for creating green screens. By setting the transparency value of the color tool to 0, the White Room's "true" appearance is revealed to be simple gray dev textures behind the white walls.

Interestingly enough. so far, the White Room seems to be one of the few areas of gm_construct 13 beta with no anomalies or entities whatsoever. This is backed up by the fact that the Curse Detector does not light up anywhere when inside. While the room itself does not seem to exhibit any anomalous phenomena, the hallway outside connecting it to the Garage and Mirror Room does, although it is arguable whether it counts as being part of the White Room. When approaching the center of the hallway or the stairs if entering from the garage, the player's flashlight will turn off.

In contrast to vanilla gm_construct, the White Room is separated from Garage and Mirror Room by double sliding doors, allowing the entire space to resemble an endless void of your selected color. Additionally, the door on the right side has a light switch that can toggle the lights inside the room. This causes everything to become silhouetted because of the lack of light. This can turn the room into another Dark Room of sorts, a Medium Dark Room perhaps?

For unknown reasons, the doors of the White Room were removed in the non-haunted version of the map.

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