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What is A.Q.R.F.?[edit source]

A.Q.R.F Logo.jpg

The Anomaly Quick Reaction Force

Abbreviation AQRF, A.Q.R.F
Description A.R.C.'s Special Division
Allies A.R.C., Eagle Detector
Enemies A.M.T.F.
Created April 20██

The A.Q.R.F. or Anomaly Quick Reaction Force is an official division of A.R.C.

It was founded in 20██ by a user in the ARC discord server.

The Anomaly Quick Reaction Force, is the armored division of A.R.C. sent to maps to quickly find and scan anomalies

in any new haunted workshop maps, the data they gather is then sent to A.R.C.

A.Q.R.F. Soldiers are equipped with the standard equipment

  • Glock 17
  • UMP-45
  • 2x Glowsticks
  • Kevlar and helmet
  • Radio
  • Stun baton
  • Flashlight

The A.Q.R.F. Youtube Channel