GlueLibrary incident

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This has nothing to do with GMC13B but ok. The Gluelib incident happened around June 2nd to June 3rd. It shows a pic of "Goatse" and the sounds was a guy screaming. It affected a lot of people like me and others!

How did this even happen?[edit source]

The Creator got name banned on steam or he got hacked. The author got so angry that he ruined his own mods such as View Extension, Action Extension, Ambient Occlusion, and Glue Library. He putted some weird script and it had something to do with "Fuck" As a result, his own account got banned out of steam and the incident made the creator hated a lot.


The spread of the Goatse Trend[edit source]

A unknown steam creator decided to extend the trend by using a modified version of the Fuck script. He puts the script onto his Trollface pm models. It shows more NSFL pictures and Spongebob saying racial slurs. The creator's addons got deleted and he got a lot of hate too. A another person decided to do this trend but it wasn't NSFL. it shows a pic of Neco Arc and some sounds of Neco Arc. It is one of the more normal Goatse Trends.

The Aftermath and My Thoughts on it.[edit source]

After the "Trend" it started to die off. Everything became normal and well. Don't worry this trend will never spread again! My thoughts on this trend is horrible. It was traumatizing to most of you and weird.