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Merged with another group?[edit source]

AMTF Logo.webp

The old A.M.T.F. picture.

Allies None
Enemies A.R.C.
Disbanded April 03rd, 2022

ARC (Treaty and Merge cancelled)

AMTF (Short for Anti-Mingebag Task Force) was the first gm_construct 13 beta group, founded in February 28, 2022, and in 21 of march, 2022, it has been decided in the ARC Discord server to rename the group to CHIMAERA.

General information and Conflicts[edit source]

AMTF aimed to protect the community from curses, and entities, sometimes scaring them away or just destroying them, they destroyed commonly and mainly Mingebags.

The Owner of AMTF was "s", and in 2022, it only had 1 conflict, The ARC vs AMTF conflict, it was a very short conflict, only for 1 day, it was the first "War" in the gm_construct 13 beta community, in March 13, 2022, AMTF announced a peace offering, for ARC to join AMTF as a division, after that, the conflict was over, In April 3rd, 2022, the peace treaty and merge was canceled.

After the fall of AMTF, many factions were created.

Know Bases[edit source]

AMTF. Had varius Bases and a HQ at some point, some of those locations are still unknow or/are confidentail to ARC Hight Clearance Staff only, one of the publically know AMTF Bases is located in gm_building_construct and it was raided by ARC during the "War" conflict, It's now completely unonperational.