Blockfield Zombie

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Block Field Zombie
6pP73JSX wY.jpg
A field that has been destroyed. Blocks are scattered everywhere.
Type Entity
Nicknames Zombie with block field
Hostile yes
Spawnable No
Cursed Yes

Zombie with block field, or alternatively, Block Field Zombie, is an entity that can randomly be encountered on the Surface. Its spawns are seemingly at random and rare, although it has been most commonly been seen near the front of the Spawn Building and Garage.

Overview[edit source]

The block field moves up and down, in waves and remains above the zombie at all times. After killing the zombie, the field will linger over where the zombie was when they died. The field will move up and down faster- until eventually bursting apart, causing the blocks to fall down. After the field explodes, the blocks will gradually disappear along with an audible coughing sound.

The Block Field Zombie will play a continuous heartbeat sound effect. When the block field speeds up on death, so does the heartbeat sound effect and will stop when the field explodes.

Trivia[edit source]

  • Upon killing the zombie, the kill feed refers to it as "gm13_npc_hydra"
    • This is the same scripted entity/npc as the one that kills the Curse detector citizen if she is allowed to reach Building C's rooftop.
  • It is possible for the Block Field Zombie to spawn underneath the map as shown below the "Documentation" section.

Documentation[edit source]

The block field shown above a zombie corpse

Note: I found a video, but its quality is bad so please find a better-quality video thx.

Block field zombie found to have spawned underneath the lake