Not grigori Ritual

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Ritual[edit source]

Objects needed for the Notgrigori ritual: 5 baby dolls, 1 skull, 1 big doll (Note, this does not work with the props from the Q menu)

Locations of the objects[edit source]

Note: the object need to be attacked to spawn the ritual items.

  • Skull: The secret room trashcan.
  • Doll: The Ratman's big drawer

==== The 5 radio dolls: ====

  • The Ratman's lamp.
  • Globe in the middle of the darkroom entrance.
  • Globe in the corner of the back stairs of the mirror room.
  • Globe on top of building C.
  • Globe on the right balcony of building A.
  • Globe on top of building A.
  • Globe in the vent which leads to the Oracle.
  • Globe on the inside right of building A.
  • Globe on top of the sign in building C
  • Note: Globe locations will randomize picking only 4, the Ratman's lamp however will always be there.

Once you got all of the items[edit source]

Once you get of the items and broke them so they changed into the ritual items, put them on the Ratman's table, then the items will evaporate and hostile Grigori will spawn, kill him and a ration will spawn, use it on the curse detector to heal you and other NPCs.

Note[edit source]

The Curse Detector will help you find any of these items, if you bring it near them. You can do as many times as you want by restarting the game, and finding the props again, though after the third time, It starts to get tricky as Grigori will now shoot flaming objects at you and will be much stronger then before.