Not Grigori

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Not Grigori
Not Grigori Standing.png
Not Grigori, standing.
Type Entity
Nicknames Not Grigori, Black Grigori, Grigori Ghost
Hostile Yes
Spawnable No
Cursed Yes
Health lvl 1: 1000, lvl 2: 1500, lvl 3: 30,000
Damage 30

Not Grigori, aiming down at something beyond the picture range.

Not Grigori is a entity which spawns inside the Submarine Room upon completing Ratman's ritual.

Not Grigori is hostile, therefore you must kill him to progress. Killing him drops a ration from Half-life 2,

which you can feed to the Curse detector in order for it to gain healing abilities. To summon not Grigori, you must obtain:

5 dolls "which can appear upon destroying 5 globes spawned around the map", 1 skull, and one "AlyxDoll". Upon completing the NotGrigori Ritual Not Grigori himself will spawn infront of the table where the skull, 5 dolls and AlyxDoll float.

The more you do the ritual, and the more you keep up on killing Not Grigori, Not Grigori will start to get harder and harder when it comes to killing him.

Which is why you should have the Curse detector with you at all times when it comes to killing Not Grigori.

How to summon up NotGrigori[edit source]

Follow the instructions here: Notgrigori Ritual

The puzzle, with one baby doll needed to continue.

Stages[edit source]

1) Initial: cone upgrade 1;

2) Manhack madness: cone upgrade 2;

3) Bomberman: final cone upgrade.