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The Interloper is based on the umbrella man graffiti from HALF-LIFE 2 and on an arg dedicated to exploring who is the interloper, and what he's doing in the game.

There isn't much known about the interloper, except for the fact that he's a cursed version of the umbrella man graffiti,

he's said to be "activated" upon pressing E on the umbrella man graffiti "which doesn't even exist" in d1_town_01's small alley next to a stairwell.

As of 2023, it is unknown whether interloper will EVER be canon to gm_construct 13 beta.

To summon the interloper demos, you must download a special addon as the arg is solely nothing but just an arg. A made up story, for people who like to get spooked.

Afterwards, you must host a multiplayer server, where you'll type in "get s.interlope.pull:27015" into the console.

--- FOR J.J console: INTERLOPE >>"Unknown Command: INTERLOPE" console: get s.interlope.pull:27015 ---