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{{{icon-size}}} This page is obsolete. It is being retained for archival purposes. It may document extensions or features that are obsolete and/or no longer supported. Do not rely on any information on this page.

What is E.K.G.?[edit source]

E.K.G. Old Logo

Entity Killer Group is an group in which their goal is to try kill any anomaly(Just like A.M.T.F.) where its members only language spoken is English and Portuguese, E.K.G. plans on constructing a base in a undisclosed location. somewhere in ██████

Discovered anomalies[edit source]

She/HIM (minecraft anomaly)

Entity 101 (Roblox anomaly)

And █████

She him Danger level : Unknown

Entity 101 : unknown

Those anomalies are external!

Standard equipment :[edit source]

Researcher/Explorer : :[edit source]




Guard/Army/Military:[edit source]






Leader :

[REDACTED] Classified

History[edit source]

Created By Brazillian People the EKG Began has an research organization and soon began! Turning into an military like organization with paranormal studies and they discoveried gm construct 13 beta! and they decided to research into it ! The goal of exterminating anomalies was due to an idea of an former amtf member named ████ and they still use it ! even if is an human rights violation