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{{{icon-size}}} This page is obsolete. It is being retained for archival purposes. It may document extensions or features that are obsolete and/or no longer supported. Do not rely on any information on this page.

Entity Killer Group is an organization made by Thiago9099. Their goal is to kill any anomaly that isn't a Mingebag, E.K.G. plans on creating a country and colony on gm construct 13 beta and any map with anomalies. They try to exploit the map by using console commands like : BOT, kill, gm13_reset, etc, in an attempt to cleanse the anomalies.

- This group is for people that speak Portuguese and English

Social Medias Of EKG :

https://discord.gg/████████ Official EKG Discord

- Thiago9099 (oliver for the proofreading) (teb for fixing suff.)