Building C

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Building C
Entities Dark Figure, Baby Doll Globe (2 possible spawns), Curse Detector
Events Portals, Gm13 pootis, Minge God
Connected Locations Surface, Tunnels

Building C is one of the main three buildings in gm_construct. Various anomalies have been encountered in its gm_construct 13 beta iteration.

Overview[edit source]

Building C's exterior is similar in appearance to Building B. In vanilla gm_construct, the interior is entirely empty while in gm_construct 13 beta, two staircases wind around the sides to the credits room and the roof. Underneath the staircase on the left is an entrance to the Tunnels.

Gallery[edit source]

Trivia[edit source]

  • Two baby doll globes can be found in Building C:
    • One is found on the roof while the other is found on top of the credits board.
  • Dark Kleiner can occasionally spawn at Building C's entrance or on the roof.
  • Pressing the button behind the credits board initiates the Gm13 pootis event.
  • Using your flashlight on the backside of the credits board reveals credits referencing A.R.C, Eagle Detector, and the A.M.T.F..