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N.A.R.C.O logo

N.A.R.C.O[edit source]

Neco Arc Research & Containment Operatives

One of the lesser known operative groups, designed to deal with a specific danger source known as NA-13.
Entity is known to be extremely hostile, choosing to attack anything on sight, making its presence known with its loud sounds.

<Recorded sounds made by the entity NA-13. Confirmed, captured and researched by NARCO-1>

Recorded incidents:[edit source]

  • June 29th incident

> NARCO-1 got wiped out during an encounter. NARCO-2 was requested as backup, but they seemingly disappeared on the way to the site, declared as lost/missing. NARCO-1 managed to injure the entity NA-13, but soon after that the entire sub-squad got wiped out. 23 soldiers dead, 1 remains missing/unknown.

June 29th
June 29th Incident Aftermath

  • Ricthertown Forest incident

>NARCO-2 located in a forest near Richtertown. 13 injured, 2 unconscious.
Request for evacuation was immediately sent to base, 2 hours later all units were successfully recovered and brought back to base. Medical health was administered as soon as everyone got recovered. Units reports are inconsistent. 3 soldiers mentioned being chased by an unknown entity, which looks resembled a humanoid figure with cat ears, despite it not being NA-13. 7 soldiers mentioned being lost due to electronics malfunctioning midway through the forest, which lead to losing GPS signal, radio signal and getting completely lost. Awaiting further reports from the remaining 5 soldiers.