How to create an A.R.C. base

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ARC bases come in different designs and sizes so why not make your own version of it?

What are the types, and what do they mean?[edit source]

ARC is big, like really big, but that doesn't mean you need to make your base massive, although you can if want to.

Some great information to know when you're making the logo for the base is that all ARC bases have an identification number and letter.

But first you need to know what type of base you want on your map. The types are:

  • Camps/Hideouts
  • Outposts/Borders/Storage Unit
  • Sites/Facilities

Each one of these types have their own specific characteristics:

Camps and hideouts are built in a hurry, typically using materials scavenged from the area they are built in.

Outposts are a set of 2 or 4 small rooms built by ARC and are usually hidden, sometimes requiring a specific item or knowledge on how to enter them. Borders are built by ARC at the entrances/exits of a map, including but not limited to, tunnels and main roads leading to the skybox (outside of the playable area).

Storage Units are places where ARC store their equipment. In these areas, you can find various things like medkits, weapons, vests, uniforms, ammunition, computers, wires, cameras, and so on. These things are provided by the great people at Eagle. Detector., so you may find their logo on some boxes and crates around the area.

Sites are big underground areas built by ARC underneath the map deep under the ground or sometimes above the surface (those are vary rare to find). They are big and can have multiple floors, having security cameras watching almost every room and corridor, they have different areas for different purposes, such as storage, offices, and arsenals inside the security room.

Facilities are like Sites but mostly for researching purposes, so you may find that Facilities are identical to Sites but bigger and having a lot more office areas, and can't be found in places with anomalies.

How to identify what is which?[edit source]

Well that's easy, ARC uses the type of base followed by a number chosen by the creator to make it easy to identify.

The letters used means the following:

  • A is for gm_flatgrass variants
  • B is for gm_bigcity variants
  • C is for gm_construct variants
  • M is for original maps that have a ARC Base
  • R is for recreation, remaster, remake of original maps (The ones said above does not count as this one.)
  • E is for any non gmod maps (Maps that are like ports from other game, the ones said above does not count as this one.)

Camps and hideouts don't have an identification number since they are improvised bases; they won't last long and aren't a place where you would want to stay for a long period of time.

Outpost can be identified by "Outpost" followed by a ID number.

Examples[edit source]

gm_building_construct Site 24-C[edit source]

Main Lobby after you pass the Airlock.

A.R.C Site 24-C: The Island Observer is an ARC Site created to study the floaty Island located in gm_building_construct. It was initially created in an attempt to expand and hide previus conflicts with AMTF, and is located in the mines above the old AMTF Base.

This Site Includes:

  • Multiple offices areas
  • CCTV and a Arsenal in Security Room
  • Varius dormitorius for employers
  • A cafeteria and a Recreational area
  • A Firing Ranger and a Training Course

gm_redden Outpost 1-M[edit source]

The Base main and only room.

A.R.C Outpost 1-M: The Stair Un-Looper is an ARC Outpost created to study the Looping stairs and rooms located in gm_redden.

This Outpost Includes:

  • A computer and telephone
  • Some file cabinets
  • A bathroom with a working toilet